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It’s time to reimagine your retirement.

Retirement can last 30 years or more as we live longer, healthier lives. Let’s reimagine what retirement looks like.

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Reimagine your retirement

Inside this new report, the strategists from Wells Fargo Investment Institute share:

Guidance for Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials

Strategies and next steps along the retirement journey

How to generate income in retirement

Steps to take now

A generation-by-generation perspective

Key insights into each group’s challenges and opportunities

How to get on track

Ideas to consider no matter your situation

The challenges are real

Research shows that each generation has unique concerns regarding retirement.


of Baby Boomers worry about running out of money in retirement.1
How should their investment plans change?


of Gen Xers say a 401(k)/IRA will be their main source of retirement income.2
How should that impact a savings plan?


of Millennials say they will never invest in the stock market.3
Does that put their future at risk?

Sources: 1, 2: 2018 Wells Fargo Retirement Study, October 15, 2018; 3: 2017 Wells Fargo Asset Management

You are in charge

Increasingly, the primary source of funds in retirement is workers’ own investments.

The Reimagining Retirement report explores what this means for the retirement plans across generations.

Reimagining retirement for every generation

Each of the generations in the workforce today—Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials—faces unique challenges. This report uncovers how each is also in a unique position to take control of retirement.

image of baby boomers reimagining retirement


of Baby Boomers in an employer-sponsored retirement plan are invested in a diversified portfolio.

Baby Boomers: Revisit your asset allocation

As they approach retirement, investors have tended to emphasize fixed income for reduced volatility and income generation. Due to low interest rates and longer work lives, however, strategists advise that Baby Boomers may want to maintain a higher allocation to equities during their retirement years, depending on their risk tolerance.

Source: Wells Fargo Institutional Investment and Trust, 2018 Driving Plan Health, October 2018

image of gen xer reimagining retirement


of Gen Xers have a detailed financial plan.

Gen Xers: Invest for growth

In our opinion, portfolio allocations for this generation should favor equities for growth but still be diversified to smooth out downturns. Within the equity allocation, consider diversifying across domestic and international stocks.

Source: 2018 Wells Fargo Millennial Survey, October 15, 2018

image of millennial reimagining retirement


of Millennials cite basic financial skills as intimidating.

Millennials: Make investing a priority

Limited experience and an aversion to risk can make millennials hesitant to start investing. However, starting an investing plan as early as possible can have a significant effect on your savings.

Source: 2017 Wells Fargo Millennial Survey, September 20, 2017

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